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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. we're halfway through our stormy weekend and already the bay area is slammed with flood watching and high wind advisory and road damage. after breach break, rain clouds are starting to come back in, the bay area going from soggy to soaked as the rain picks up. you can see slick slides walks. the east bay got its fair share of showers, and we'll take a look and see if the storm will be head nothing that doctortion. but first we're checking on the north bay which has been getting
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hit hard all day. tonight a flash flood watch for residents in sonoma county. >> reporter: we're seeing a lot of rain up here, specifically, sonoma county, and while the rain is a welcomed change, the flooding its bringing with it is not. right behind me, off of highway 121 here in sonoma county, and this is a side street and it's completely flooded tonight, but that's just the beginning. as i look over here to the left side of me you can see off in the distance, this is route 12 along highway 121 and this intersection is look flooded out, this area and this roadway being shut down for several hours as the flooding continues to grow out here. i've driven all over the north bay today and this is definitely the worst i have found here along highway 121. you can see the water coming up over the curb and into the street. a few brave people tried to
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make it through but they realized the water was too deep and turned round and got out of there. but this was not the only section of road flooded out. this is up in sonoma county, as well, this expressway. that section had to be closed because of flooding in a certain area. and south of that, this is in petaluma, and this is a driving range, and no golf today, but another problem is along highway 101. caltran has been out here making sure the drains are clear so the highway doesn't flood, a major concern for them and the chp who have been watching the storm closely. the chp will mon refer the conditions throughout the evening and as soon as the water goes down, they can reopen highway 121, but don't count on that happening until we see a break in some of the rain. >> more than 1,000 pe the dark tonight as a result of
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this latest storm. pg & e says more than 1600 customers on the peninsula without power and 825 outages in the north bay and 109 outages in the east bay and 33 in the south bay, officials have not said if the outages are weather related. >> we had a break earlier tonight but the rain is beginning to reintensify for tonight and into the overnight. here is the live stormtracker 4 and conditions are relatively quiet to the south and east of san francisco but things have been picking up to the north of the golden gate, heavy rains north of santa rosa and another batch of rain in the east bay, around concord and antioch. the yellow somehows moderate to heavy and green, light rain. we have another batch to the north of santa rosa along highway 101. this is the same area where we have seen very heavy rain the
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past two days and where it's been flooding today. it won't take much more rain to aggravate the flooding problems, and that's what we're seeing right now, so a flash flood watch is in effect for the north bay counties starting at midnight and tipping through tomorrow afternoon. this is a live few of san francisco, rain for tonight. flash flood watch in effect and with an additional 2 to 4 inches of rain forecasted for the north bay tonight and tomorrow, it's a pretty good chance, i think bear we'll see floor flooding on streams and creeks and highways as well. we'll add to the totals we have already seen the past 48 hours, up and over 5 inches in many locations in the north bay. we'll have more details on sunday's forecast coming up. a road is closed tonight after being washed out of fort ross road here, burying a truck and causing one home to be
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evacuated. >> reporter: the house as exhibited no point at this point. the slide is still 100 yards away. >> reporter: the road closed indefinitely and drives are urged to avoid the area. heavy rain sent a tree crashing down on phone lines, and here is a look at the damage. the tree took out a fence on oak wild lane before locking the road. it's making for difficult traveling, as well, and people stranded at sfo. >> reporter: rain, and rain, and rain, making it an extended stay for some. that's what happened to this family i found camping out at terminal 3. that have a long time to try and get comfortable. >> 1:00, and we have to wait up
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till 11:00 tonight. >> reporter: another delays weren't so bad. >> 12 or family minutes. >> an hour and one half. >> reporter: once you are actually on a plane, delays don't always come to an end. >> 90 minutes into the flight, they were still on the tarmac waiting. >> reporter: this man also lost track of how long he has been waiting. >> 2:00, and then 5:00, and then 7:00, almost 12 hours. >> reporter: if there's a fight against mother nature, he would be on the front lines. >> i'm coming off a 25-month in korea and i'm trying to get home to my family. and for this to happen, i'm make it home, but i'm not happy. >> you can stay up-to-date on the weather by going to kron and you can check out the
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latest weather conditions and forecast before heading out or take kron 4 with you by downloading other weather app. it's great for my child and for everybody else in the future, as well. coming up on kron 4 news at 11:00, san francisco reacts to a major announcement on same-sex marriage rights. people without unemployment benefits? a suspect on the run takes police across the bay area, a murder that they say the driver was connected to.
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only from xfinity. new at 11:00, three people are under arrest tonight after a high-speed chase that went all the way from san francisco to the south bay, starting around 3:00 this afternoon when police attempted to start a car. the chase ended when the driver
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cashed into another car in mountain view. a petaluma meat could has announced a recall of more than 8 million pounds of be. the usda says products from rancho beef corp are being recalled because they may have come from deceased animals. coming up, braving the storm, these fans didn't let it rain on their parade. >> reporter: storms can be dangerous for those without shelter. tonight we tag along with homeless outreach workers helping those trying to brave the wind and rain.
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here is the view in santa rosa from tonight, and still heavy rain tips to fall. system number 2 is rolling in, and this one, like today, is targeting the north bay with widespread heavy rain and flooding is pretty much a sure bet in parts of the north bay for later don't and tomorrow. once, again, a flash flood watch in effect for marin, sonoma and familiar a counties, live at the bay bridge and it's raining
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tonight, and that's what furturecast4 shows, and the rain is heaviest to the north of the golden gate. we're seeing light showers south and east of san francisco, and we're getting another batch just moving into paren county, into these areas, and notice the yellow showing method der writ to heavy rain, moving northeast at about 30 mph, so the rain will pick up shortly into petaluma, and and rain from concord to pittsburg and antioch. the second system in the series is coming in right now, a little bit of ahead of schedule, but the snow levels are pretty high. this is the second system moving on the shore and it will make for another wet day tomorrow. here is the furturecast4, notice the band of rain in the north
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bay, spreading southbound as we get into the morning, but it breaks up as i begins to move south so the rainfall totals, south of san mateo bridge, fairly light. at noon, heaviest north of the golden gate and the showers break up into the evening, and by around midnight tomorrow night and into the early morning hours tomorrow the showers will wrap up and we'll see clearing as we go into monday. rainfall, an additional two to 4-inches in the north bay. here is the 7-day forecast, a mixture of clouds and sun for monday a dry day tuesday, and then another weather system approaches, and it will remain farther to the north. the rain will be less than an inch for w i think, a break thursday, and then the rain showers we she these days will
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be light and to the north. >> thank you. surviving the storm, tonight as kron 4 continues our team coverage, reporting in contra costa county where they are checking under bridges and overpasses offering those without shelter help. >> reporter: this is a popular place for the homeless to try and seek shelter from the wind and rain. but as doug explains, this is also a very dangerous area and it's prone to flooding. >> you can see down there this is much lower so the water only has to go from there to there, talking 12 or 15 feet, and that's about a matter of an hour. it just comes up and goes up on
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the wall. i've seen the water touch this before. you can obviously see this is where this person is laying, and there's their wind block. this is where they're at, so this is where they've been sleeping. this is their plastic. you can see he's sleeping right here and the water is literally right there, 12 or family feet, if that. once the storms start coming, this is all we will do is the creeks. i want to make sure they are safe out h here. i care about them. so we'll leave these items, fresh socks, a hygiene kit and breakfast in the morning. we see anywhere from 15 to 30. some people don't want them. but at least i know when he comes down here tonight he'll be warm and federal -- be fed and have warm socks on his feet and
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dry feet. that's about all we can do. i wish we could do more. >> reporter: he says he and his team will be out in force checking canals and creeks from about 8:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning until the storms pass. a major announcement today from the attorney general. he says the federal government would recognize all same-sex marriages even in the states where it is not legal. that means they'll have the same rights astra additional marriages when it comes to bankruptcy and survival benefits, individuals killed on the job, et cetera. >> i feel like we're coming to where we have equal rights and we should have equal rights and i think it's great. >> he announced the change in a policy tonight in a speech in the human rights campaign in
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new york. he said the justice department must be aggressive in fighting discrimination as it was in the 1960s during the civil rights movement. governor brown ordering the state department to improve customer service in the wake of complaints. the changes come after a computer glitch over the labor day holiday cut off benefits to 150,000 individuals from california. many complaint they couldn't get through to anybody at the agency to continued to out when their benefits would be reinstated. another set back for the san francisco city college and their accreditation. they will file a formal appeal. the loss will force them to close on july 31 but a judge has
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issued a preliminary injunction until federal lawsuits can be heard. despite the rain there was no damping spirits of a's fans, packing the coliseum. we show you the fun. >> reporter: it was a rape-soaked day for the a's fan festival. they had to navigate streams of water, and this reporter recalled the words of gary who attended another wet stadium. they charged $10 preparing for a monster struck exhibition. who would show? thousands of fans sold out the event. >> this is the best way to
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start the baseball season. it's $40 for all of us to come and meet players and coaches and the kids can go in the batting cages and have their swing looked at. >> reporter: they stood in line too hours to visit the locker room. >> to see where the players hang out and where they prep and get themselves ready. >> it was worth it. >> reporter: this fan celebrated the day where he was witness to so many memories. >> my favorite park. i love it when it's a rainy day, a great day for a fan festival. i hope we do well and get that title this year. >> reporter: the parking lots were filled and even the first tailgaters were not to be denied. >> we're here. >> reporter: even if you have to pay. >> yes. >> reporter: did i mention
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the event was a sell-out? at the open coliseum, kron 4 news. >> the warriors are in action against phoenix. we'll find out what happened. it's almost time to let the dogs out, the local special airs friday night, february 28, 9:00 p.m., taking you behind the scenes of the kennel club dog show. we'll have all the highlights, friday, february 28, at 9:00 p.m. here on kron 4!
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and thank you for joining us tonight and don't forget to tune in tomorrow morning.
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